JDM: About
The J stands for Jeremiah and the D is for Davis but only my grandmother ever called me Jeremiah Davis McDonnell, and usually only when I was getting into trouble. Most people call me Jerry. Professionally, I wear more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins. I do whatever needs to be done, especially when it pertains to writing, programming and graphic design.
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One of the great ironies of the internet is that while it's never been easier to reach people it has never been harder to keep in touch with them. The best way is to join my mailing list. Pop your email address in the box below and click Join. Because I do get hit by a lot of spambots, a confirmation letter will be sent to your address. Follow the link it contains back to the site and that's it. You can always unsubscribe later if you wish.
Social Media
I'm not the most active person on social media, but you might be able to find me through one of the places below. The places I'm most active on are on the left and the least on the right.
Cookies. If you let it, this site uses one cookie to keep track of who you are, largely so it doesn't pester you to sign onto the mailing list if you have already done that. It doesn't do anything to track your movements outside of the site. Frankly, I'm not even sure how that works.
Images. Stash items only use images that I have created or commissioned. Blog posts use images I consider to be "fair-use" meaning used for the purpose of discussion. I still give preference to images that search engines list as being licensed to the creative commons. If an image of yours has ended up on the site and you do not want it here, contact me and I will take it down. Kudos often use imagery taken from the sites that they link to. Once again, if you do not want your image used in this way, contact me and I will take it down.
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