JDMcDonnell: Fossils in the Asphault Vol 1.
Ten Strange Tales of the Outlandish, Macabre and Bizarre. All written during the 1990's....

Live For The Sun
The 21st century is dawning and with it we have new-fangled ways of fighting those same old nagging problems with vampires.

True Love
Sir Reginald discovers the true nature of love as he seeks to slay the dragon, free the princess and bask in wealth and glory - but not exactly in that order.

Drive really fast in the right place at the right time and you may be able to travel backwards through time, but can you actually change history?

Dad brings home some lobsters from a business trip to Maine but Mom has no way of cooking them. So how do we do this? Do we do this?

Doctor Frankenstein Throws in the Towel Only to Find It Has Been Stitched To His Hand
The title pretty much says it all.

Fireworks City
Summer in Memphis can get pretty hot. How hot? Hot enough to melt reality and spark off a revolt under a fireworks tent on the city limits.

A vacummn cleaner salesman finds religion in the middle of nowhere but religion has not found him.

How the World Became Round
Flat-Earthers take note! All the universe was once flat but is no longer. Here is the somewhat-semi-quasi-true story of what may have actually sorta happened.

Black-Eyed Susan haunts the darkness with a vicious reptilian susurrus, but what is it that she truly wants?

A kid moving to a new town in the late 70's discovers just how fragile life can be.
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