JDMcDonnell: Fossils in the Asphault Vol 2.
Ten Strange Tales of the Terror, Suspense and the Supernatural. All written during the 2000's....

The Angel Underwater
A gangster from beyond the grave goes seeking revenge in 1920's New Orleans, and he's got a brand new pair of shoes.

Sweet Bliss
The most perfect pop song ever written was not crafted by humans, but its got some vicious grooves and a killer beat.

Setting back the clocks one hour does not mean a whole lot in the broad scheme of things, until it chooses to mess with the spirit of Halloween.

Van Homeschooled
What's in a name? That depends. Is your neighborhood infested with teenage vampires? Is your last name Van Helsing?

Tuesday's Child
In Nazi Germany, a girl known as the Cookie Cutter has the ability to walk through any wall, but only on a Tuesday.

The Last Amendment
The President, Vice President and Joint Chiefs of Staff sit down for a meal that looks like it may last forever.

The Polkageist
A man is haunted by a very noisy ghost in a house that is less than a year old.

Saturn & Sphinx
There is a hex shaped hole in the north pole of Saturn. A research team investigating it discovers that curiousity and cats have a very long history together.

Pinball Wizard
Robots from four millenia into our future unearth an absolutely terrifying artifact: a pink Fischer-Price record player.

Strip Poker
A man with an uncanny ability to win at poker discovers that the house always wins in the end.

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