JDMcDonnell: Fossils in the Asphault Vol 3.
Ten Strange Tales of the Horrific, Fantastic and Inconceivable. All written during the 2010's....

And the Gods Made Love
A modern high-tech retelling of an ancient act of revenge that backfires. Or does it?

Two millennials go the distance to win a video game that no one was meant to win.

The Golden Orb
How much damage could a sci-fi replicator, a transporter beam and a sense of boundless generosity actually do?
A lot. A whole lot.

Brony Aur Stomp
No matter how adorable they may be, things that try hard not to be found are often better left alone.

Harbingers of Light
Nikola Tesla commandeers HP Lovecraft to investigate a small problem he is having with one Edward Leedskalnin and a little known book called the Necronomicon.

Six Million Wasted
Not everything that is damaged needs to be fixed or even wants your help. Sometimes it just wants to lay its eggs.

Taco Hell
And whosoever can be found without the soul for getting down will have to eat at Taco Hell and the rot they stuff inside a taco shell.

Death, Devil, Magician and Fool
War is Hell and a veteran of WWI finds himself fighting alongside the devil himself but may not actually realize it.

The Brain Collector
A game of Dungeons & Dragons flies off the rails, summoning trans-dimensional creatures into existence.
Or it could just be all in their heads.

The Final Girl
The circus of the damned has rolled into town and the dead have risen from their graves to take a look. The carnival's main attraction? The Last Living Girl in the World and her Tamer!

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